Delaware Met has been placed on formal review for the 2nd Time

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During the April 2014 State Board Meeting, the State Board placed Delaware Met on formal review. I found a letter to Delaware Met from DOE placing them on formal review back in 2014. Attached to DE Met’s letter is a list of conditions, the only issue is this list of conditions is for Delaware Design Lab High School and not for Delaware Met. I have requested from DOE the list of conditions that were placed on Delaware Met back in 2014. Below are the State Board of Education meeting minutes, view page 3.

The Department is seeking the consent of the State Board to place Delaware MET on formal review to review concerns relative to economic viability and compliance with enrollment within their charter. A motion was made by Mrs. Rutt to consent to placing Delaware MET on formal review. The motion was seconded by Mr. Coverdale, after discussion on the action item…

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Delaware Charter Schools get yet another black eye. #theexperimentisfailing

Kevin has this covered over on Exceptional Delaware  but I wanted to extract some highlights:



After so many scandals, closures, and lawsuits. When are Delaware’s legislators going to demand accounability from our DOE rather than fueling this madness with a “PERFORMANCE” fund…

Have to imagine this is how the DOE and the DE Charter Schools Network must feel right now:

Rodel’s Paul Herdman Made Over $343,000…And Our Children Lose More Education Everyday

John Young:


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This article will disgust you.  It disgusted me when I read their latest tax form, filed in July of this year.  The Rodel Foundation and all their education propaganda.  I have a new take on this.  We need to boycott anything associated with Rodel.  That means the Vision Coalition, the Delaware Business Roundtable, and yes, I’m going to go there.  The Wilmington Education Improvement Commission.  Why?  Because after the Budingers, who owned Rodel Inc. back in the day, Tony Allen is listed on the board of Rodel.  Dan Rich, the University of Delaware employee who is involved in all things WEIC, also sits very comfortably on the board of the Vision Coalition.  $343,000 a year.  For one man.  That is twice what Mark Murphy made as Secretary of Education.  How many starting teachers could we get with that?  Ten?  How about we take his salary and give every student in…

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The Illusion of Local Control

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It started out as a typical Monday night–South Brunswick Board of Education had their regularly scheduled meeting in progress, discussing updates on district goals that were outlined at the beginning of the school year. There was only one problem: this presentation was nowhere to be found on the agenda. Therefore, no one in the public knew this presentation, looking at issues like mental/physical safety, community engagement (which is laughable after what happens), and new information on reading programs and teacher training was even happening.

I have been attending board meetings every other week for almost two years, so I am not new to the board members, nor are they new to me. One of the main issues that has persisted for this span of two year is communication (or lack thereof, really). It is extremely difficult to communicate with the board. It took a year of asking to get them…

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State Board of Ed Public Comments Transcribed And Future Of Regulation 103

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The audio recording of the State Board of Education meeting yesterday is up in record time.  I went ahead and transcribed all of the public comments.  Every single one.  As well, I listened to the part where they discuss 103 and I took copious amounts of notes.  Here it is.  To understand the different portions of Regulation 103, and how everything culminated and reached a boiling point, please read this.  This whole saga with the Delaware School Success Framework started to boil a few weeks ago when I found information on the Accountability Framework Working Group while looking for the magical Smarter Balanced toolkit.

Delaware PTA

Good afternoon, my name is Bill Doolittle. I will first speak on behalf of Delaware PTA in regards to Regulation 103. With regard to the accountability system the Delaware Department of Education and Delaware State Board of Education are seeking to include parent opt-out…

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Frustration among our Delaware teachers, read what one Delaware teacher has to say

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A  Delaware teacher wrote to me. I asked for permission to share the email and the teacher agreed to me posting the email.
I write to you today because I am seeking your support for the students of xxxxx School District.  I am a teacher at xxxxx.  I have dedicated the last 18 years of my life to the students who go to xxxxx. I have relationships with generations of families, love teaching those “tough” kids and have great successes everyday in my classroom.
The testing cycles in xxxxx have begun and I feel that the administration has again let us down. There is so much testing on my calendar it will be extremely difficult to teach all the standards I am required to teach, let alone get kids who are behind, caught up.  Something MUST be done to stop all of this insane testing!
Let me assure you that…

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Diane Ravitch thoughts about Relay, one has recently opened in Delaware

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Diane Ravitch posted a story yesterday about Denver Public Schools who awarded a large contract to Relay. Delaware DOE recently awarded a $505,000 contract to Relay. Relay Delaware is located in the Community Service Building on W. 10th in Wilmington.

Relay offers a Master of Arts in Teaching in a variety of subjects including K-5, 6-8 and 9-12 ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Eligible teachers may receive a Delaware Initial License through Relay’s Graduate Alternative Route Certification pathway upon completion of the first year of the M.A.T. program. Relay Delaware is eager to welcome the inaugural class of 2017. Visit the admissions page to learn more.

In June 1996, Senate Bill #427 enabled the creation of the Alternative Routes to Certification. Delaware currently has five alternative licensure and certification options. One of those options is an established Alternative Route Certification program at the University of Delaware which has been around for almost…

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