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Dear Mark,

You probably don’t remember me, but we were students together at Phillips Exeter Academy fifteen years ago. I was a lower (sophomore) when you were a senior, so our paths didn’t overlap much, but I do believe we had one class together – Latin with Mr. Morante.

I’m writing for two reasons: first, a quick thank you for Facebook. I’ve always enjoyed it as a social tool, but recently I have discovered how powerful it can be as networking tool to gather people around a common cause.  Lately, I’ve connected with parents, teachers, administrators, bloggers, and other activists around the country who are all working passionately toward one goal: getting our local schools back from the powerful corporate and political interests that now strangle them. We share notes and research, triumphs and setbacks, inspiration and outrage, and lately it seems – incrementally at least – that we may…

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  1. Harrie Ellen Minnehan

    A good read that just was published is “The Prize, Who’s in Charge of America’s Schools” by Dale Russakoff. The book is the story of the $100 million pledge that Mark Zuckerberg gave to the Newark New Jersey public schools and what Corey Booker, Chris Christie and the reformers they hired did to run through that money. Not to worry, none of it made it into the classrooms!
    A very riveting book about egos and public education.

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