+++Breaking News+++ Exclusive to Transparent Christina. DOE earthquake to strike tomorrow.


Well, these things are always tenuous, but the DOE mouse of Kilroy fame has morphed into Mighty DOE Mouse…

The scoop?

Murphy. Out. Tomorrow.

Standard Disclaimer: I may be wrong, but if I’m right, then I just called bank.


9 thoughts on “+++Breaking News+++ Exclusive to Transparent Christina. DOE earthquake to strike tomorrow.

  1. Obviously whether true or not, I guess we need now to gin up with our guides on what kind of standards we need for a replacement, and in getting out front of the argument, set the guidelines they find they will be forced to follow…. Sigh. there goes the weekend… 😦

  2. Pat

    At our home in Old Newark we thank Mark for his leadership! We also hope to see some posts about our local district sometime in our future. This is a blog about that same district, but their seems to be a big distraction. It time for us to focus on the here and now. We have big issues deal with and Dover isn’t one of them. We need to earn community support, parent enrollment and reduce costs at the same time. John this is your chance to prove your leadership. Please step to the plate or get out of the way.

    1. John Young

      Mark offered no leadership in his quest to privatize and destroy Delaware schools.

      He was not a distraction. He was a huge problem.

    2. John Young

      I respectfully disagree. Dover is a huge problem. Not our only one, but big enough that it cannot be ignored.

  3. Pat

    Our community, who are residents of the Christina School district are looking for our local leaders to solve our local problems. The central and school board are a mess. I hope we can find a way to better prioritize our time. We need to reach for a growth mind set, rather then holding on to the fixed/blaming mind set we seem to be stuck in. Our current staffing, budget and community outreach issues are within our control. It time for us to make changes.

    1. John Young


      I have absolutely heard your view from others, but would want you to know that I hear from many, if not more, about the need to establish local control and ensure that we protect out schools and kids from unreasonable, harmful edicts from Dover.

      In some cases the concerns directly overlap. The local problems are state born. In other cases, they are independent.

      Thank you for your input and focus on the local problems that are independent.

      On Sat, Aug 15, 2015 at 9:07 AM, Transparent Christina wrote:


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