I Don’t Think You Get It

Minding My Matters

My decision to prevent my child from taking the Smarter Balanced Assessment is not about the anti-testing movement.

Now that THAT’S out of the way, let’s talk.

This particular test serves zero purpose in the education of my child. This test will not in any way inform the instruction of my child. It will be taken at the end of the school year and its results will be available well after her teacher could potentially use them to address her learning needs.

I just used truth to debunk the largest rationale for why students should take this particular assessment.

My child is already taking numerous other standardized tests, the results of which are available immediately and highly useful for informing her teacher of her needs. Could she benefit from taking fewer of those tests? Certainly. Do I have a major issue with her taking those other tests? Not really, no…

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One thought on “I Don’t Think You Get It

  1. Pat

    I agree and disagree! I think it’s a shame we didn’t adopt the PARCC assessment like Maryland and New Jersey. I think there would have been tons of valuable data collected within driving distance. Teachers, Principles, District level staff could see data from schools and district that better reflect size, and student populations. All on a level playing field or we could compare similar school, but also school with different funding and or staffing levels. We could dispel many myths about education and form better State and local policy.

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