The Parent Opt-Out Blitz Begins Now in Support of House Bill 50 #supportHB50 Share on Facebook, Retweet

Exceptional Delaware 2018

House Bill 50 is on the agenda for Thursday, May 7th as per Delaware State Rep. John Kowalko.  The House of Representatives will basically determine if they listen to the will of their constituents and parents or if they ignore them and bow to Governor Markell and the DOE by casting a yes or no vote.

I am calling for a Parent Opt-Out Blitz, effective immediately.  If you haven’t signed the petition please do so now.  Listed below is every single Delaware State Representative and Senator’s name, email address, phone numbers listed on the General Assembly website, their public facebook accounts where applicable, their public Twitter accounts where applicable, and even some of their own websites.  I was unable to get the Senate phone numbers up, but I will later tonight.  I wanted to get this out there as soon as possible.  Please share this link on your facebook.  Tweet…

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