Delaware parental enemies 1 & 2: GACEC and SCPD. HB 50 opposition wields a misinformed sword!

The two organizations referenced in post title are here:

Ms. Daniese McMullin-Powell of SCPD and Robert D. Overmiller of GACEC, chairpersons of these two organizations ostensibly dedicated to Delawareans with special needs both issued letters with their signatures that offer opposition to HB 50, a bill to grant parents the clarification  of their right to opt their own child out of standardized tests. Please read the bill here:$file/legis.html?open) As you can plainly see, the bill does not opt Delaware out of tests, the bill does not permit schools to opt children out, the bill does not remove common core, and the bill does not prevent the DOE from measuring schools. It simply confirms that when a parent feels it necessary, they have the right to tell their child’s school: my child will not be taking the assessment…and that schools and districts may not coerce and/or punish their child for doing so.

It’s that simple. How these two organizations, allegedly pro parent, allegedly intelligent and sentient, can possibly fall prey to the baseless, and meritless fear based campaign being run by the governor and his selected legislative friends, like Rep. Earl Jaques, is beyond comprehension.

But here we are, two major state agencies claiming to represent students with disabilities, in 2015 no less, just told ALL Delaware legislators to vote against a bill that respects and affirms a basic parental right. How dare they? How can they take their argument that the tests are good, or valid, or work despite volumes of evidence over 20 years to the contrary (that they are tacitly acknowledging in their emails when they describe our schools) and deliberately conflate that concern into a right to suppress a parent’s expression and execution of their rights is embarrassing.

Both of these leaders should step down. Right after they apologize for deigning to suggest they represent me as a parent of a child with Autism by leveraging their ideology to deny me my rights.

These two letters are a genuine nadir for advocacy in Delaware.

GACEC and SCPD, for shame! 

Here’s the letters:



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