DOE – Do Your Job – Take the Politics out, take the money from RTTT positions and give it the schools


Why Public Education is on life support

Public Education in Delaware as well as across the nation is at a crossroads in both its mission and in its path forward.  Public education has been and continues to be desecrated by a series of political maneuvers and increasing societal pressures.  In reality, a school system created to service the needs of all children can only be as effective as the school readiness of the young people it tries to prepare for success.   Adults are abandoning their traditional roles as involved school parents and have and are increasingly asking, no – demanding, that the public school system compensate for everything that they will not or cannot do.  And school bureaucracies, eager to make parents happy, transfer those demands to school based personnel, and the politicians, eager to win votes, blame the school based educators for not “closing the gap” that was created…

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