Not Just Naive Teachers

Young Teachers Collective

By: Hajra Syed, Jacob Chaffin, Melissa Katz, Molly Tansey, and Stephanie Rivera

Since the launch of Young Teachers Collective, we have received a number of negative messages, comments, and tweets. We have been called “poor bastards,” “wannabe newbies,” “naive little kids,” and the most common of them all, “foolish idealists.” We have seen comments arguing that because we are young, our voices and opinions have no substance.

This is why YTC was formed in the first place.

Many assume that we are blind to the realities of the attacks on the teaching profession. Many completely ignore the fact that we, the next generation of teachers, were the exact students who were forced to endure the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) era. We don’t know anything about the attack on education? We were the ones educated during it.

Many assume that we have blinders on and live in blissful ignorance…

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