Who wrote the Common Core Standards? The Common Core 24

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We have all heard stories about who decided on the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) that are now holding students and teachers hostage to a narrow curriculum and an endless testing regime.

Mercedes Schneider decided to find out who the twenty-four people were that determined the Common Core Standards.

Here is an excerpt from her post Those 24 Common Core 2009 Work Group Members:

NGA (National Governors Associaiton) and CCSSO (Council of Chief State School Officers ) (and, by extension, USDOE) undeniably meant for CCSS to be something done “to” teachers. NGA’s and CCSSO’s concentration of individuals versed in standardized assessment on their CCSS work groups speaks to the purpose of CCSS to both financially benefit education testing companies and usher unprecedented, nationwide standardized testing into the classrooms of those very professionals purposely excluded from the CCSS work group table.

2009 CCSS Development Work Groups

CCSS Mathematics Work Group


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2 thoughts on “Who wrote the Common Core Standards? The Common Core 24

  1. Pat

    How to Unpack the Standards at Your Grade Level

    I thought this was a positive video on whats become a negative topic. I have the highest respect for teachers who put it all out on the line, place their biases to the side and find a way to improve their instruction.

    1. John Young

      I have very little respect for the process of standards implementation. Crafted in darkness, away from parents and teachers and students, these represent the worst of policy making strategy. Trade groups (NGA) and private, for profit companies (Achieve, Inc.) cooking up standards for sale and fuel an industry preying on children for their precious “data”. On top of that, bribe states with RTTT grants awards and give the test makers $350MM tax dollars to design the tests to measure then label and punish is at the core (pun intended) of all that is wrong with public education.

      The standards may be OK, but how they came to be is a terrible tragedy.

      On Sun, Feb 22, 2015 at 10:28 AM, Transparent Christina wrote:


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