Will @GovernorMarkell permit DE Chief for Change of @DEDeptofED to straight up bust a union CBA?

Hmmm, I wonder what this all means. For schools at which a collective bargaining agreement governs its employees, a further agreement between and among the district or charter school, the collective bargaining unit, and the Department addressing those subjects, if any, that may inhibit the schools’ successful implementation of its model, including but not limited to: Limitations on hiring, reassigning and transferring covered employees into and out of the Partnership Zone school, such as seniority limitations; The methodology for determining which teachers will be transferred or reassigned as part of the model; Work rules relating to the educational calendar and scheduling of instructional time and non-instructional time, Instructional reform; Professional development requirements and other specialized training; Retention and employment incentives, including performance incentives for effective teachers and principals; and Any other subject required by these regulations to be addressed in the Partnership Zone school’s selected model. In the event the parties are not able to reach the agreement required by within seventy-five (75) days of notice as a Partnership Zone school, each party shall present its last best offer on the areas of disagreement along with a draft agreement, to the Secretary of the Department, who shall accept one of the last best offers, or reject all of them. Should the Secretary reject all offers, the parties shall have thirty (30) days to confer and present the Secretary revised offers for re-consideration pursuant to this section.
Could be quite a few weeks coming up.

6 thoughts on “Will @GovernorMarkell permit DE Chief for Change of @DEDeptofED to straight up bust a union CBA?

  1. I am looking online for the approved MOU I assume you are posting from above but haven’t found it yet online. Can you post a link, please? I am going to call the central office and ask where it can be found. I am looking on the Priority Schools page.

  2. minnehanh

    MOU has not actually been “approved” but it was agreed to by the CSD Board so the next step is to secure either an approval or rejection from DOE. We thought that was coming Friday but it did not, maybe tomorrow….maybe a couple of weeks from now, who knows….

    1. John Young

      Yes, but the MOU we submitted has created an apparently untenable selection process. The DOE is likely withholding approval until an CSD-CEA MOU can be reached. If it can’t then the DOE breaks the tie and selects from “last best” offers.

      If the DOE picks an MOU that contains aspects that violate the CEAs CBA with CSD, then they are union busters. Straight up.

      On Mon, Jan 26, 2015 at 12:06 AM, Transparent Christina wrote:


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