Do blogs drive news? In Delaware we finally have a reporter willing to give credit.

Go Kevin! Keep breaking news like we have been doing for years up in this joint!

Thanks to Avi Wolfman-Arent for recognizing our ability to source and get primary documents out in the public eye!


Kowalko removed from House Education committee??? What the hell is going on down there, besides petty payback by the speaker.

This is going to be quite the tragicomedy

Chairman: Earl G. Jaques Jr Total # 14
Vice-Chairman: Kimberly Williams
Members: Michael A. Barbieri
Stephanie T. Bolden
Timothy D. Dukes
Debra J. Heffernan
Kevin S. Hensley
Harvey R. Kenton
Sean M. Lynn
Sean Matthews
Joseph E. Miro
Edward S. Osienski
Charles Potter Jr.
Michael Ramone