Alison May of @DEDeptofED provides quotes to WDEL. She’s a liar,mostly.

The story:

The quotes with my red pen:

DOE Spokesperson Alison May countered Resler’s comment to WDEL by stating the schools have funds at their disposal they’re simply not using: <—The Big LIE, and the media propagating it…hmmm…wonder if there is a cool email from Alison to WDEL? FOIA, anyone?

“The state is not allocating $200,000 per school, per year,” May said in an emailed response. “The state has set aside $6 million for the schools over a three-year period in state money to fund the plans–not necessarily divided evenly by school and year–as well as millions of additional SIG, Title I and other funding.” Ahhh, the “you are expected to apply for and get grants from federal buckets you will then deny to other needy students in our state to make a political point” lie. Classic DOE right there.

May said the state has made it clear to districts that they will be expected THERE IT IS! to apply for that, or any other, funding but the schools have, in the past, “left money on the table.” <–Unadulterated bullshit lie. The state has PULLED funds UNRELATED to items of dispute, specifically the REVOCATION of 2.4MM over our refusal to participate in the DOE sham “Talent” Cooperative that is failing and being panned by  the News Journal  even… She said, specifically, Christina has forfeited<<–Lie a total of $3,572,889 in Race to the Top (RTTT) funds, including $314,000 they never used but was provided by the state for Bancroft as part of its Partnership Zone plan and $3,056,499 that went unused from its portion of RTTT. <–Unused? Again, lie.

Directly addressing the salaries of principals, May said “asserting that $160,000 would come out of the Priority School funding for each principal is erroneous,” as schools have already received funds for those salaries.<– she’s mostly right (the difference would have to be subsidized only) about this and I have said so from the beginning.


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