RCCSD Board President forgets why he ran I think

Tonight, this came from RCCSD Board president Kenny Rivera’s discussion:

“We all have issues with the framework we were provided for this,” said Board President Kenny Rivera. “I think we have to move forward because we have to do what’s best for kids, because the other option is much worse.”

WHAT? WORSE THAN THIS? And what does that say about the DOE if their option is worse?

What a cop out, bullshit excuse to surrender all rights to the DOE. Why did he run? I forget?


2 thoughts on “RCCSD Board President forgets why he ran I think

  1. Adm. William Adama (Colonial Flt., Ret.)

    A comment I made over on Kilroy’s post seems to apply here as well: I think this is a nice example of why, despite all the bluster to the contrary, Districts and Local E.A.’s will continue to be subject to whatever DOE wants to do to them.

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