Alison May signs her name to this load of crap press release from @DEDeptofED. I smell a rat…

I will red pen this atrocity, then I will sleep. Tomorrow I will recollect my RCCSD board meeting experience. Trust me, it won’t look like the minutes they approve next month. We have lectures and reasons, and lies, oh my!

RED PEN, onward!

Red Clay board approves Priority Schools MOU


The Red Clay Consolidated School Board approved a Memorandum of Understanding with the Delaware Department of Education tonight that allows the district and state to move forward together together? you have approved it before even reading it?  to support students how? evidence? proof? Yeah, I thought so. in the district’s three Priority Schools as named by you with no evidence that they earned said designation.

“We have worked closely with Red Clay leaders over the past few months read: been kissed on the ass by RCCSD administration on a path forward that can deliver more services and resources 100% bullshit lie. Who did the Governor lie to yesterday to get that vote? to the children in Red Clay’s three priority schools.  Red Clay has worked tirelessly uh huh, I heard the recap tonight, it was: rigor, rigor, rigor, teach like a champion, PLC, magical fix! with teachers ha!,  parents please, I can’t take this and other stakeholders who? when ? where? (I sound like Mr. Kotter) to develop an MOU that is tailored to their needs and represents a compromise that has the potential nice hedge, not sure of your own master plan there DOE? to deliver for their students.  It provides for the selection of a great school leader ZERO EVIDENCE who will have the flexibility to modify the school day, extend the school year or change the curriculum to best meet students’ needs.  and the proof this works? Yep, thought so. While the plans for each school are still being developed, we are excited  that you can beat the fuck out of Christina? Yeah, that’s the ticket. about the prospect of providing additional support services and resources to the children in these schools,” Secretary of Education Mark Murphy said.  You are a disgusting excuse for a cabinet leader Mr. Murphy. You run a genuinely morally bankrupt department.

In September, the state announced significant resources BEST LINE EVER!!!!!!!!!! I got some land in Florida to sell ya… and support for Delaware’s six lowest-performing district schools LIE LIE LIE, not lowest, you manipulate for effect here, providing the opportunity for substantial changes that address the specific needs of students from their communities. like stability? Oh snap! These Priority Schools, all located within the City of Wilmington and split between the Christina and Red Clay districts, would share almost $6 million over four years to implement locally-developed, state-approved plans. to what effect? yep, ZIP!

Tonight’s vote comes after months of collaboration LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL between the state and Red Clay, which also has been moving forward with its school plans for Highlands Elementary, Shortlidge Academy, and Warner Elementary.  Red Clay officials submitted a first draft of plans to the state for feedback on December 12 and have committed to submitting high-quality plans that meet the expectations outlined in the state’s turnaround guide by January 7. ALL WITH ZERO COMMUNITY INPUT!!!!!!!! and a school board hell bent on CAPITULATION. Kenny, your role in this is ABHORRENT. What are you protecting? Your relationships or the children you were elected to protect?

Recognizing that Red Clay schools are in session only five days between now and January 7 and the importance of families having the opportunity to engage in the development of the plan as well as provide feedback on the final plans, state and district leaders agreed school board members would consider the final plans at their January 21 meeting. Red Clay leaders have committed to submitting their board-approved plans to the state by noon on January 22.  See that Kenny? They already have you lined up for your next YES vote. That’s called being a bagman.

Alison May

6 thoughts on “Alison May signs her name to this load of crap press release from @DEDeptofED. I smell a rat…

  1. Brian

    Help me out here and understand I’m not as tapped in to RCCSD as I am with Christina. RCCSD drafted plans and sent them over to DOE. Then voted to accept DOE’s MOU before submitting their final versions of the plan or even engaging their residents/teachers/taxpayers about developing the plans? Am I getting that right?

    Isn’t that kind of bass ackwards?

      1. John Young

        they gently modified the DOE MOU to remove the $160K and removed language pointing to closure/charter conversion but then pointed to admin code Title 14, Reg 103, which says…drumroll please…closure or charter

        On Thu, Dec 18, 2014 at 8:24 AM, Transparent Christina wrote: > >

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