This is what’s wrong with education in one tweet from a DE legislator. #netDE



7 thoughts on “This is what’s wrong with education in one tweet from a DE legislator. #netDE

  1. John Kowalko

    Sorry I don’t tweet, so I’ll comment here. “Keep the platitudes rolling, the shrill voice of RODEL, Vision and DOE high and pretend you know even a little about public education (which you apparently do not”. Sad and maddening reality.
    John Kowalko

  2. She was pulling the same crap at the IEP task force meetings, saying special needs kids need to be held to higher standards and all that. I think she really wanted Standards-Based IEPs to be a big part of it, but Denn didn’t even want to touch that!

  3. Anon

    I am confused by the metaphor used in this, and it is one which is frequently used. I am assuming it is a reference to high jumping? Maybe pole vaulting, but those are the only examples I can think of where an actual bar is “set high.”

    But that is where I break down in this example. Applying this type of a test is like walking out to any high school track meet and putting the high jump bar at 7″0″. As all of the competitiors cycle through and take three attempts, it becomes apparent that none of them can “rise to the expectation.” How long will education reformers watch the same kids take attempt after attempt before realizing that a developmentally appropriate target is better than a higher target that is unrealistic and cannot be met?

    And the sad part is, if this were to occur in real life, under the education reform plans, the high jumpers would be labeled failures, their coaches would be rated ineffective, and their teams taken over by the state. And do you know what none of those things would ever accomplish? Getting a high school athlete over the bar at 7’0″. What the hell. Let’s do them anyway. What could it hurt? Just the kids, the coaches, and the teams.

  4. Anon. Darryl Scott and Debbie Heffernan both believe that all a student needs to do in order to reach the 7 foot bar is to be told he is a failure (see, here’s the test, see? You’re a failure) and then fire his coach when he is not able to achieve it…

    Parents know this is wrong, but parents were excluded from all policy creation except only in a token capacity.

    But, none of this matters if all of Delaware stays home from the test. . (all we really need is 2500 to opt out in order to make the data pool less than 95% and statistically invalid.)

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