@DEDeptofEd and @GovernorMarkell sick their TFA pit viper on CSD. #hammer #threatdown #privatize #nokidsinhere

Believe it or not, I feel bad for Dr. Schwinn. One day, she will look back on this time in her life, see the wreckage created and have regrets. So many regrets. Alas, life is about choices. Some even say choice is a panacea. Privatizing Wilmington schools not only won’t help the kids, it will hurt them. Moral bankruptcy of epic proportions is required to execute a plan so devoid of efficacious principles and plans. In other words, it takes the Delaware DOE. Behold the first in what is sure to be multiple threats, all ending in a full throated state takeover by our Jack-booted governor.

Before anyone asks, yes, I do know what I am saying there.


8 thoughts on “@DEDeptofEd and @GovernorMarkell sick their TFA pit viper on CSD. #hammer #threatdown #privatize #nokidsinhere

  1. It’s so interesting…I re-read my turnaround guide and didn’t see anything in it about this. I was surprised when it got mentioned on Friday in our meeting. I need to look up this regulation 103 thingie. It gets a lot of references when discussing priorirty schools. It must be written on a stone tablet…

  2. minnehanh

    103 is the Accountability for Schools, Districts and the State and I’m not sure but I think it is one of the regs put in place in the RTTT scramble. However, it bandies around the notion of authority….who actually has the authority over our schools? Is it the state? Is it the district? That question must be answered before this Priority School mess can be straightened out. My views, only.

    1. As I’m reading it, I’m noticing a few things that concern me. First, there is no mention of “priority schools” in the section they keep citing. Second, it clearly states that identification of schools will take place via notification no later than August 1. On MY calendar, August 1 is a bit prior to September 4. If they want to quote their version of scripture at us, I say let’s quote it right back at them. Damn I wish I was going to be at that meeting tomorrow, but I’m in DC for an NEA committee meeting!!!

  3. Eve Buckley

    Hang in there, CSD board & staff. Your deliberative, conscientious (and time-consuming!) work on behalf of the Priority schools is impressive and appreciated. I can’t think what value-add DE taxpayers are getting from our bloated and authoritarian DOE. Beyond accounting and grants processing, what more do local districts need from that dept? It is very large & expensive for such a tiny state (with 19 districts plus charters & vo-techs already–we have no dearth of public school bureaucracy). Put the tax $ funding DE DOE back in the classroom; that’s where they’re needed.

  4. John Kowalko

    Ms. Schwinn has absolutely no legal authority to support her threats and apparently no knowledge of the law or intent of the law. Talk to the hand Penny.

    Representative John Kowalko

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