Red Clay working with UVA? What gives? Did RCCSD BOE approve this? #greentotheLawn?

Saw this on Facebook today, is RCCSD admin moving without board authorization?

Guess we’ll find out soon enough. If the board authorized this, did they put it out for public consumption before creating an out of state partnership?  The UVA thing, is that reform infested waters.

Do the Google folks, Do the google.

Always do the Google.

In its Priority School presentation at Warner today, Red Clay admin discussed a partnership they’re forming with the University of Virginia to provide leadership assistance to our Priority Schools. It will be interesting to see how much this partnership will cost us — if anything. I’m concerned here because I don’t feel we need an outside university coming in here telling us how to lead these schools. I think our leaders and professionals in these buildings already know what we need — it’s about getting it. I fear this relationship with UVA is more about impressing the Department of Education than it is about what our schools actually need.

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    Danny Rufo More carpetbagging interlopers….. For any teacher that’s been here for a while it’s real let down. We know our kids …. We have been dealing with all of this…. Shooting at moving targets for years, yet the chic thing to do is pay for consultants….. The ultimate consultant is a room full of Delaware teachers working for Delaware !
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    Cassandra Marshall So are we to think that Delaware’s universites are not up to dealing with Delaware’s education challenges? (Whatever they might be today.) Delaware’s educational administration seems to be looking for trendy, not necessarily home grwon solutions.
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    Catherine Ciferni so the DE Dept of Ed will sign off on UVA but not on UD’s review of Christinas schools—this drama gets worse and worse
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    Amy Lefranc Brunnquell If they’d put that money toward mandatory pre-school, lower class sizes, and increase the amount of support staff for these schools…they’d see improved test results. Period.
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    Harrie Ellen Minnehan Yes, Amy, that is hitting the nail right square on the head!
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    Paul J Falkowski Imagine, a Classroom Contract. The student promises to behave properly, be on time for class, prepared to learn, and to sit down, listen, cooperate and do the work required in the classroom, under the teachers guidance.
    YES, I propose, within each Dela
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    MaryJane Bennett Mike this story just gets worse by the day. UVA….what the hell?
    Dana Rae Davisson Or maybe we can all learn something new, Mike Matthews. If educators knew everything, educational equity would be a reality and all children would be succeeding.
    Alan Coffey Paul j , sounds like the function charters are performing.
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    Mike Matthews You’ll get no argument from me there, Dana, however, as we’ve seen, this DoE and many district folks are all about that “flavor of the month.” The professionals in our priority schools know what they need to succeed. They need to be given those tools. See More
    Paul J Falkowski Totally different approach. LEAVE the schools with their current enrollments.
    Segregate some classrooms, by providing classrooms, where the students VOLUNTARILY agree to abide by stricter rules of behavior and discipline.
    The “” classrooms that do no
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3 thoughts on “Red Clay working with UVA? What gives? Did RCCSD BOE approve this? #greentotheLawn?

  1. John Kowalko

    This administration’s intimidating and coercive tactics are netting the results DOE intended. Confuse and cajole Red Clay into succumbing to the will of the educational oligarchy that is infesting and mutating the legitimate purpose of public education. Stand up DSEA and RCCD board members and the public will stand with you. Merv, time to grow a pair.
    John Kowalko

  2. minnehanh

    UVA? One of the birthplaces for the reform movement! Follow John’s advice above and Google, looking particularly at a conference there this past August with presentations on struggling schools…very tied into NGA, also.

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