News Journal Our View cutting across NJ’s bias agenda and I hope Mr. Mayor get’s his head out his butt

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Once again, who runs Delaware schools? Our View  2:19 p.m. EST November 30, 2014

The news articles said the city of Wilmington has filed suit to stop the state from closing the Maurice J. Moyer Academic Institute. The reality behind the news is that this is just the latest development in the battle over who runs Delaware’s schools.

It is not simply a case of city vs. state. That could be worked out. The real problem is that too many institutions are trying to run the schools and the lines of authority – and responsibility – are not clear. Is it the state? The federal government? The local school districts? Administrators and teachers? All of them have a role. All of them have a say. And at times, all of them are at cross-purposes.

As for Moyer it is a case against the state. If the goal was to ensure…

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