Save Gateway Lab School? Only if we eliminate the hypocrisy of the employees.

So, we have a new blog post from a former peer on the CSD BOE. And what a post it is… full of hypocrisy and insanity. First, it asks me to join forces against the DOE and their inimitable bullshit, that’s easy. But embedded within Ms. Scheinberg’s clarion call is this gem of ridiculousness:

I am a parent who knowingly put my children into an experiment rather than keep my children in failing districts. 

So, there it is. In all its insane glory. A declaration of anti-standardized testing that makes so much sense, embedded in a statement that blasts CSD, from a former member of its own BOE.

It’s this simple: Ms. Scheinberg will need to apologize for her disdainful attack, or she needs to wake up and understand that her desire to save GLS has driven her to betray her own sense of commitment  to public education.

It’s one thing to say please don’t close Gateway, it’s another to brazenly, and with vicious hypocrisy, label CSD as “failing”, as she DOES, while asking Delaware taxpayers to save her children’s  school from the vicious, wrongheaded labeling based on test scores  that she decries in her own attempt to suggest that GLS should not be targeted.

I firmly ask that Ms. Scheinberg withdraw her direct attack on CSD. She calls CSD “failing” based on test scores while asking us, the taxpayers, NOT to close GLS based on test scores. What a  load of hypocrisy. A total load.

If that is her honest assessment based on test scores, then GLS deserves its fate based on same…


15 thoughts on “Save Gateway Lab School? Only if we eliminate the hypocrisy of the employees.

  1. Elizabeth

    Did you bother to read the preceding and subsequent sentences? If you had, you would have realized that I used “failure” sarcastically.

    John, it’s just wrong for you to use what’s happening to these children, the ones in CSD and GLS as a platform to attack me. We are all equally damned by “the test.” And this particular issue was on that both education camps could come together and push back on. You have taken a clarion call and turned it into an ugly mess of lies and accusations.

    And I such, I will hold my ground:

    I have not committed the accused sins against CSD. Thus, I will not edit my post nor will I apologize.

    And the next time, you want to go after me personally, pick up the phone or send an email. Stop playing games. It’s almost two years out from political division and I have long since moved along.

  2. John Young

    It isn’t personal. you are a hypocrite, plain and simple.

    You flat out attacked CSD based on test scores while asking taxpayers to bail out GLS based on the bullshit of using test scores.

    You are free to hold your ground, Elizabeth, but know this: as long as you do, GLS gets what is deserves.

    As far as moving on?

    Way done. You attacked here, not me. There is no ugly mess of lies and accusations: you attacked CSD.

    I am merely a respondent. And since you know me so well, please attack again. please. You claim to be a public education supporter, yet you have descended into the abyss of pro-charter cheerleader: bludgeoning CSD for your own agenda in this case. Sick and sad.

    UNLIKE you, I will not delete your posts.


    1. John Young

      exactly right, what a sad, long road you are traveling. You think it’s about me, but it’s not. It’s about your abject betrayal of CSD. You don’t truly offend me with your betrayal, you offend the district you claim to have served.

      Let’s see if you can own that with an apology.

      You don’t owe me one single thing. Never have. Do whatever you like. But if you truly served CSD, then you’ll apologize. If not, then GLS should go down in flames.

      Betrayal. Straight up at this point.

      Good night, indeed, Elizabeth.

  3. Rebecca

    Is this John Young that is on our School Board? I really hope not!! How horrible to think that someone who is choosing the paths of our children’s education can be so vicious and foul mouthed. What a horrible way to speak to anyone let alone a parent in your own school district. I’m disgusted. This really makes me think twice about who’s hands I put my children’s education in. Despicable.

    1. John Young


      It’s surely is me. I apologize for your offense, but when an uninformed constituent that directly served the district chooses to cast aspersions upon the district, then I feel compelled to respond. I appreciate that you do not care for the tone, but I will not idly watch Ms. Scheinberg slander CSD and cast stones in her chosen charter fortress.

      As for your last statement, make sure to vote in 2019.

  4. alsonewarkmom

    Thank you, John for standing up for CSD. I’m so sick of the off hand comments. Ms. Scheinberg, if your post was meant to be sarcastic in nature, then I suggest quotations or how about this…don’t say it at all. Rebecca, John is the best board member that CSD could have. He does not gloss the truth and is an avid supporter of our children. I’ll take 10 Johns over 1 Elizabeth any day.

    1. John Young

      I really appreciate your defense. The saddest part is that Elizabeth and I worked together and hard to help CSD. Watching her turn us out after getting board recordings passed, by having a private conversation in the middle of a board meeting, on a public vote certainly put me off.

      While our split on communications was sudden and complete, I have much admiration for her tenacity. Frankly,her writing skills have always made me jealous, so I know her post to save GLS was to lash out at CSD via her personal experiences. Let’s just say her charter positions haven’t always been so clear, more than a measure of convenience. That’s not an attack, just an observation.

      That said, if she keeps attacking CSD, no matter what Kavips thinks, I will respond. Perhaps she will stop living the revisionism of June 2013 and get back to the present realities of the impact of her decisions then, and her words, now.

      On Mon, Dec 1, 2014 at 1:51 PM, Transparent Christina wrote:


    2. minnehanh

      In truth, Alsonewarkmom, Mrs. Scheinberg is a staunch defender and supporter of children, and in particular children with special learning needs. Yes, John is a good Board member, on a board of other good board members. It is not a competition.

  5. minnehanh

    Again, not a competition. No “right” and “wrong” on opinions. Yep, time to give it all a rest. Each has had their say. And the issue at heart, I think, is long past.

    1. John Young

      No one is saying it’s not a competition but you. Sorry, but your words ring hollow here. If you don’t want to defend CSD, that’s your prerogative.

      You should not let your friendship get in the way. Disagree all you want, save the lecture.

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