Save Gateway Lab School? Only if we eliminate the hypocrisy of the employees.

So, we have a new blog post from a former peer on the CSD BOE. And what a post it is… full of hypocrisy and insanity. First, it asks me to join forces against the DOE and their inimitable bullshit, that’s easy. But embedded within Ms. Scheinberg’s clarion call is this gem of ridiculousness:

I am a parent who knowingly put my children into an experiment rather than keep my children in failing districts. 

So, there it is. In all its insane glory. A declaration of anti-standardized testing that makes so much sense, embedded in a statement that blasts CSD, from a former member of its own BOE.

It’s this simple: Ms. Scheinberg will need to apologize for her disdainful attack, or she needs to wake up and understand that her desire to save GLS has driven her to betray her own sense of commitment  to public education.

It’s one thing to say please don’t close Gateway, it’s another to brazenly, and with vicious hypocrisy, label CSD as “failing”, as she DOES, while asking Delaware taxpayers to save her children’s  school from the vicious, wrongheaded labeling based on test scores  that she decries in her own attempt to suggest that GLS should not be targeted.

I firmly ask that Ms. Scheinberg withdraw her direct attack on CSD. She calls CSD “failing” based on test scores while asking us, the taxpayers, NOT to close GLS based on test scores. What a  load of hypocrisy. A total load.

If that is her honest assessment based on test scores, then GLS deserves its fate based on same…