DCSN gets its youtube on!


4 thoughts on “DCSN gets its youtube on!

  1. Could those students have been reading from a script more? Sorry, don’t care if you go to CSW Male high school student, nobody in high school uses the word Exceptional. Unless you work for the DOE. They used it about 20 times during their state board meeting today.

  2. The exact same statements and arguments can be said for public schools. What this youtube failed to mention was that across America, only 17% of charter schools rated better than their feeder school; 37% rated worse than their feeder school, and 46% were no different than their feeder school…. Anyone who signs up for a charter school is given only a 1 in 6 shot at a better education, a 2 in 6 shot at a much, much worse education, and a 3 in six shot at getting the same education…

    If you were given a dice, and told to roll it and only if you got a snake eye (1) your child would get a better education, would you take them up on the bet?

    You, you, terrible parent! You!

  3. On video two, missing from Kendall Masset’s plug, was the fact that 85% of Charter School teaches do not know how to teach. They hail from Teach for America, or other accredited fly-by-night services that simply put stamps on teachers and turn them out primarily to charter schools since they are vastly unqualified to teach in any public school. Not one word in this video that Charter School teachers are inferiorly trained, compared to even the lowest rated public school teacher… One can take a well trained teacher and give her all bad students and rate her scores poorly. Charters take a very poorly trained teacher, give her all good students (no Blacks, Hispanics, special ed., low income, no urban) and give them a passing grade. Look at their training. Someone who got a degree from Phoenix College or Strayer University, isn’t a qualified teacher… Beware when listening to charter school self congratulatory propaganda.

  4. Oh my gosh… Video 3: Charter School have to have a Voice Project to get parents involved in their child’s education..(No where does it mention what that Voice Project is, does, or looks like). Public school parents just have to send in a note or email the teacher directly.

    Charter Schools are decades behind public schools. What sane parent would EVER send a child to Charter Schools? And did anyone else notice the dis-functionality of our Charter School system that to promote their Charter Schools, they used the one school being closed down which was never been warned academically by the state in the three years since it opened,(Gateway), and today insists it needs more time to implement strategies provided in a comprehensive school review by University of Delaware experts?
    And this is the best… charter schools can offer?

    Time to offer legislation banning charter schools in Delaware… . At the very least, fund them by line item in the state budget, as are vocational schools, since like them, Charter Schools are controversial and experimental. ….

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