Your Data Will Lie To You If You Let It


One thought on “Your Data Will Lie To You If You Let It

  1. Joanne Christian

    Absolutely. We only have to look to our very own CRI as they repeatedly tout our low SAT scores for the $ spent in THEIR data. And they get the microphone. We test an entire grade, and they insist on comparing that with self-identified college-bound SAT test takers in other states.

    Then a little goody as I took a practice middle school math test—the answer was a DEFINITE, finite answer. It wasn’t a choice. Verbage included: “about”, “around”, etc., and then some dead wrong finite choices. Notified facilitator, who agreed–what child, trying to pick the correct answer, but not listed–would choose “about” or “around”, when other choices were definitely wrong? What to do? Knowingly, pick a wrong answer? Or hope they know that you know “around or about” means that number as a firm answer?

    Of course, facilitators said they are to give feedback to these things, and that will be one—but it’s a little late for a kid sitting this year.

    And if my practice test had a snafu–imagine the real one.

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