Mayor Murder has spoken. All hail Mayor Murder!


absurd, as usual.


2 thoughts on “Mayor Murder has spoken. All hail Mayor Murder!

  1. Obviously Mr Baker does not realize that the plan did not work. Howard students still struggle with reading and math skills. I was there!! The money needs to be used for extra teachers in each classroom, after school programs and a holistic approach to the curriculum to include art, music, social studies and science..Parent education and asistnce… hello… DUh!!!! They don,t listen…

  2. John Kowalko

    John Kowalko, on October 15, 2014 at 1:39 pm said:

    Mayor Bakers Delaware Voice column is the first evidence I’ve seen of legitimacy and truthfulness in Governor Markell’s assessment of Delaware schools. His contention that college bound students are in need of remedial math programs is certainly “highlighted” by Mr. Baker’s calculations of the $6 million dollars over five years to six schools that would not allow one red cent to reach the students needs or reduce class sizes. It is appalling to realize that the many termed Mayor of the largest Delaware municipality has such obviously unremediated math skills that he could somehow conclude that this money equals a 10% increase in funding per student over state averages, let alone be sufficient, (if it weren’t already restricted to funding a burgeoning bureaucracy), to pay for “smaller” class size and “critical services”. Perhaps Mayor Baker or the author/ghost-writer can explain his image of this “seed” money in the context of Jack and the Beanstalk and bring on the golden-egg laying goose since the Governor has already traded the cows (cash-cows/RTTT money $100m spent on consultants) for the beans. In the interest of fairness I tried to replicate Mayor Bakers math calculation and used “Common-Core, common denominators and finally common sense to determine that he had either displaced a few decimal points or needed to immediately sign up for the Governor’s remedial math courses as soon as the Governor restores those cuts that eliminated “math-specialists”. Good luck Mr. Mayor in finding someone to balance your checkbook.

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