Remember “Seatwork”? It’s ba-ack!!!

The Buzz

The bees are angry, and ready to swarm. At this week’s second PLC, a “Common Core Aligned UnitTemplate” was introduced to all teachers. It’s one of those things that an over eager graduate student might produce, or perhaps someone from district or D0E with too much time on their hands and a fat paycheck to justify. Whoever authored it, though, is surely someone who has spent little to no time as a classroom teacher. Of that, we are certain.

First of all, a refresher as to what constitutes a “unit” in the planning of instruction. A unit should not be confused with a lesson. A unit is a collection of lessons on a particular topic. For example, a unit of fractions might include lessons on “learning fractional parts”, “comparing fractions”, “ordering fractions on a number line”, “adding fractions with like denominators”, “subtracting fractions with like denominators”, and…

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