Any realistic question about how disdainfully @DEDeptofED views our teachers? #eduDE #netDE


They use a quote from a Gates funded website about a Delaware school in which a school leader makes a completely unsubstantiated assertion about how teachers feel about their students. It is terribly insulting to our educators and proves, once and for all, that the DEDOE is 100% anti-teacher.

Our General Assembly should demand a complete gutting of the intellectual rot in the Townsend building that would even think this propaganda piece is the right way to build consensus or respect the profession they allegedly curate.

So glad they put their logo on this last night, removing all doubt about how they feel about our teachers.


3 thoughts on “Any realistic question about how disdainfully @DEDeptofED views our teachers? #eduDE #netDE

  1. John Kowalko

    There is a repugnant odor emanating from Dover and DOE that is intended to mask the failures of all parties complicit in this conspiracy to give “more” taxpayer money to the corporate and non-profit speculators that are infesting public education with bureaucratic expansions and wasteful spending that does not reach the classrooms (eg $100 million in RTTT grants to consultants and panhandling non-educator groups that spring up like weeds in your garden)
    Mr. Murphy, you are manipulating the facts and distorting the truth when you state that there has been “any” collaboration between the parties. You are implying that your department is offering “new resources” to these inner-city schools when you know damn well that you are offering pennies when dollars are needed and even these pennies are not intended too nor will they ever reach the children/classrooms. You proclaim that offers of support are being rejected when your blatant attempt to takeover schools is not an offer of support but a propaganda message intended to distract desperate families and city leaders by roiling the seas of anger against dedicated teachers, administrators and locally elected (obviously not your circumstance) board members. You state, “our system failed to provide low-income and minority children access to high quality education”. No! No!, Secretary Murphy, your system has failed to provide adequate resources and has, in fact, eliminated critical programs from public school by not replacing (or at least fighting to replace) funding cuts totaling over $30 million per year. Perhaps most offensive was your statement to wit: “For our young men of color, it is especially dire. They are more likely to be spending their days in jail than they are in a job,” Murphy said. “Collectively, we as a community can do a much better job for and with our children.” is an insult to the collective conscience of those (read: every teacher and administrator in all public schools that accept this challenge every day of their lives) who are trying to do a better job for “our children”. Maybe it is time for you to move on Mr. Murphy for the good of “our children”

    Representative John Kowalko

  2. minnehanh

    Clearly Mr. Murphy owes a huge apology to all educators and citizens of Delaware for allowing such blatant disrespect to be printed and distributed under the DOE logo. In particular he owes something far more than an apology to the families of the Indian River School District. I suggest he owes his resignation. What an embarrassment…..

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