Worst Headline Alert: story about opting out is all about taking tests. #WTF


So, code not permitting while not explicitly forbidding opting out = not allowed?

Most predictable? Delaware PTA selling chicken and waffles with every quote?



3 thoughts on “Worst Headline Alert: story about opting out is all about taking tests. #WTF

  1. Joanne Christian

    John, I’m so glad you can post these as quick as I can think them :). And BTW. I “opted out”. Can’t help it if they don’t have a form yet, or consider it an option. This ain’t the measles vaccine. And I’m not getting a doctor’s note. I will be cordial, and have directed my written “opt out” to be fair, and non-confrontational to the designated authorities. They are welcome to teach my child, but like an “R” rated movie there are certainly more appropriate indices of progress and gathering of data than the manic commercialization, sensationalization, and nationalization of my child. And she’s not showing up for your “R” rated test, so you either provide the “G” version, tried and true across the land, and keep privacy intact–or meet your new Jethrine Bodine held captive in middle school for doing the work, showing comprehension of subject matter, but refusing to enter into a marriage of data with the feds and outside vendors for the rest of her life.

    And I’m not being melodramatic.

    Smarter Balanced Testing, the New Predator Legitimized

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