Tommy Lasorda says you may go to Hell if you are not a Dodgers fan


Tommy Lasorda, that family patriarch that everyone smiles at and respects publicly, but who in all honesty kind of creeps out and/or annoys everyone a lot of the time, took to Twitter following the Dodgers clinching the N.L. West last night:

I suppose it’s just a matter of semantics and phrasing. If he had tweeted “Giants fans can go to hell!” I probably would’ve been approvingly retweeting this as edgy smack talk.


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Video: Yasiel Puig will apparently stop at nothing to destroy the Dodgers’ season


This guy must be stopped. Before he hurts someone. Or maybe himself. All I know is that he’s unsafe at any speed and the Dodgers will one day pay for his antics.

He also added insult to injury by hitting a home run last night. Does he even realize the damage he’s doing?

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