WTF does this even mean?

“We have been and will continue to look at all available options to try to accommodate her. including working with her to do some of the things that we’ve already talked about,” said Blakey.


Colonial Superintendent to parent with spina bifida: you need to toughen up! #netDE #eduDE

Stories like this:  drive me crazy.

To think that Colonial just minted this person superintendent with views like this about parents with challenges like this young parent, well, it makes me sick. I’m thinking the Colonial Board wishes they could get their “search” money back right about now.

Also, the spokesperson doubling down on the madness should be disciplined for even offering a comment on this story never mind the ruthless one she did:

Colonial School District spokeswoman Lauren Wilson tells WDEL they’ve offered Lyndsay several options, she’s rejected them all and “there’s nothing more than can be done.”

“She has decided that she doesn’t want any of those options. She doesn’t want anything short of a bus, and that’s just not possible,” said Wilson.

It is possible, Lauren, and you are lying. Colonial does not want to help this child and his mother: Does.Not.Want.To.Help. There is more that “can” be done, it just appears you don’t “want” to do it.

Here’s to hoping the right thing gets done, even if shaming is the motive. If it doesn’t, and harm comes to that student or his disabled mother, I hope these two characters are held accountable for their direct, bureaucratic, BRINC loving roles. Good to know we are going to put a child in harms way to make a point to the parent. Put that on your parent involvement flyers and smoke’em.

There’s individuaized learning, then there’s madness like this.