Turnaround Model: The Government Edition

Minding My Matters

Wikipedia lists the following as characteristics of the “turnaround model” of school improvement as per the School Improvement Grant:

  • “Replace principal
  • Use locally adopted “turnaround” competencies to review and select staff for school (rehire no more than 50% of existing staff)
  • Implement strategies to recruit, place, and retain staff
  • Select and implement an instructional model based on student needs
  • Provide job-embedded professional development (PD) designed to build capacity and support staff
  • Ensure continuous use of data to inform and differentiate instruction
  • Provide increased learning time for staff and students
  • Provide social-emotional and community-oriented services and supports
  • Implement new governance structure
  • Grant operating flexibility to school leader”

Sounds about right, doesn’t it? If a school sucks at making kids Smarter (see what I did there???), the people who work there and are directly responsible for that should be fired. If you object to that wording, tough, because that’s exactly what you…

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