Extra! Extra! The Delaware State Takeover MOU has a companion guide: Turnaround and Priority School Guide! Read all about it! #netDE #eduDE

If you are looking for evidence inside for the “theory of action”, you will be disappointed.



6 thoughts on “Extra! Extra! The Delaware State Takeover MOU has a companion guide: Turnaround and Priority School Guide! Read all about it! #netDE #eduDE

  1. Oh, I get it. If you take a purple circle and call it human capital and add it to a blue violet circle, named conditions, you just have to put an equal sign and then have a teal circle and call that student achievement…. What is so complicated about that?

  2. minnehanh

    Let’s have a contest: who can guess how many jargon words show up here? I start with “outboarding”….I always thought it had to do with boats, not hiring people. And Human Capital? Ridiculous….term comes out of the work of Emile Durkheim, sociologist at the end of the 19th C, and Max Weber, a social economist, and was never meant to be used in education to talk about teachers and people who work with kids. Or are kids now widgets on a production conveyor? These folks, (the 29 year old wonder?) who write this stuff live on some other planet….

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    This is being forced on both Christina and Red School Consolidated School Districts in Delaware. The state DOE allowed this to happen with these schools by turning a blind eye to re-segregation that occurred from charter schools in the area and their enrollment preferences. Now they want to punish the schools by essentially taking them over. They may become charter schools in the near future. Read the Scribd document and judge for yourself. This has been a well-planned, long-term intentional hostile takeover.

  4. anon

    Didn’t the state already take over 4 out of these 6 schools? How did the state do when they took them over? Who, at the state level was responsible for getting better outcomes after the first state takeover? Was that person/persons held accountable when the state got results similar to what the schools had prior to state intervention/involvement?

    Why on earth would anyone think the state would get it right the second time around when they botched it so badly the first time around?

    How many schools did the state take over during Race to the Top? Did any of those school exit state takeover? Are any of them better off now than they were before?

    I really hope both districts refuse to participate in this charade. The Boards of Ed are locally elected and do not have to answer to the state DOE for anything. Tell them to pound sand and lock them out of all local educational issues. And if the state has any power to force their way into these schools, turn the schools over to the state totally, lock, stock, and barrel. That way we will know who is 100% responsible when they botch this “reform” as well.

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