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I am as mortified as anyone else about the Delaware State Takeover MOU, but please, we have to be able to do math.

Avg Principal Salary: 120K

Delaware State Takeover MOU mandated minimum: 160K

The Delaware State Takeover MOU is only forcing a 40K differential, and the whole salary does not come from the paltry funds being allocated, just the difference.

Please return to your regularly scheduled rant about the impending state takeover of our city schools.

This has been a public service announcement of School Board Members for Math.



Zack Greinke: “There were guys I played with that were so stupid that they’re really good”


Everett Cook of the Los Angeles Timeshas written a fascinating profile on Dodgers right-hander Zack Greinke. It’s a wide-ranging piece, going into his development as a pitcher and his mentality on the mound, among other interesting topics. Ultimately, Greinke considers his analytical nature as both a blessing and a curse:

“Baseball is a sport where being stupid and keeping things really simple a lot of times is the right way to do things,” he said. “There are very few guys that are capable of processing a lot of information and applying it and still being good at it. … I don’t want to name names, but there were guys I played with that were so stupid that they’re really good, because their mind never gets in the way.”

For the millionth time, Zack Greinke is the best.

This is a quiet night in baseball, so take a few minutes…

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