$6MM for 5 years = $1.2MM per year/2474 students = $485.04 per student per year #netDE @WHYYShirley_Min @MarkEichmann

Student counts are 2013-2014 numbers.

Dollars and years are from the Governor.

factoring in 180 days in a school year: 485.04/180= 2.70/day/student.

This is a bold initiative? It’s politics with our kids.

Shame on Governor Markell and Mark Murphy. They marched straight into Wilmington and told their assembled leaders to go to hell with a $2.70 daily payoff.


Worst part? They ate it up. Hope the school leaders don’t.




8 thoughts on “$6MM for 5 years = $1.2MM per year/2474 students = $485.04 per student per year #netDE @WHYYShirley_Min @MarkEichmann

    1. elizabeth

      ‘scuse me, but JLFKO – you need to visit Mcdonalds on a thursday after 4 pm. Happy meals are only $0.99 then.

  1. Steven Fackenthall

    Oh, district admin as eaten it up. They were already selling this as a positive yesterday to the three schools in Red Clay.

  2. Off topic, but maybe you can answer this. In my piece on these 6 schools I noticed that all had low level incomes in the 90%’s the previous year, and last year they had dropped into the 70%’s or lower… Did an accounting change take place? Or is something funny going on?

  3. Connie

    I wasn’t under the impression today that they were eating it up. I thought it was more like a grin and bear it as far as school admin. Board members and politicos (at least the state ones) were not impressed, and after talking with several of the press afterwards, they were decidedly unimpressed. Not that that’s what we’ll see in the papers, but those articles were probably written prior to the press conference anyway. There was a lot of talk about great schools elsewhere but no model at all for what a great school should be. The whole thing was flimsy. A shell game.

      1. Connie

        I wrote notes. I thought the comments were very measured. Like they didn’t really say anything? Jea talked about weighted funding and people warmed to that, but even he was fairly measured. No one wants to turn down proffered money even if it is just a tidbit. (Starving children don’t reject gruel.) Most if it was neither critical or accolade speech. There were no cheers, no groans, no questions. Most of the people in the audience were “$6 million? How does that work? for 6 schools?” The same question everybody has been asking since. But no answers, and then the press release said “over $5 mil”.

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