My Public Comment at the IEP Task Force Meeting and What I Gave The Task Force #netde #eduDE @KilroysDelaware @ed_in_de

Exceptional Delaware 2018

During public comment at the IEP Task Force meeting, I read the below statement.  It was emotional, I admit, but it had to be.  I didn’t want it to be, but it was.  Some things were ad libbed while I was reading, and I will update this when I hear the digital recording when it is released. I tried to update it as best I could.  Below that you will find out what I gave to each member of the IEP Task Force.

My name is Kevin Ohlandt. Some of you may know me as Jon’s Loving Father, or Jacob’s loving father, or that annoying guy who speaks at public meetings about special education. Who I am isn’t important. Who we are here for today is. In the state of Delaware, over 13% of our students have IEPs and are classified as special education. As we all know, there are…

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$6MM for 5 years = $1.2MM per year/2474 students = $485.04 per student per year #netDE @WHYYShirley_Min @MarkEichmann

Student counts are 2013-2014 numbers.

Dollars and years are from the Governor.

factoring in 180 days in a school year: 485.04/180= 2.70/day/student.

This is a bold initiative? It’s politics with our kids.

Shame on Governor Markell and Mark Murphy. They marched straight into Wilmington and told their assembled leaders to go to hell with a $2.70 daily payoff.


Worst part? They ate it up. Hope the school leaders don’t.



Who will ask the important question: Is your model statistically accurate and sound, or is it made up bullshit to fit your agenda? #netDE #eduDE @DEDeptofEd @GovernorMarkell

Below is the (literally) made up math equation used to defame 6 schools, their communities and teachers.

  • Who designed it?

  • Who ran the regression models?

  • Was a statistician or ideologue behind the “wheel” for this calculation?

  • Does it work? (PZ results clearly suggest no)

  • Show us proof this works to effectively identify schools in “need” of DOE “solutions” becasue the last time we danced on the same card, DOE failed our kids, plain and simple.



Dear Christina and Red Clay Consolidated Schools districts: Happy Pick 6 day!

Beware politicians in suits in front of microphones offering hope and change for kids they have long abandoned. It’s a Trojan Horse.


Been there, done that. Hocus Pocus special today at Warner Elementary School with the Governor, ideologues in tow.