@GovernorMarkell slated to appear at city school on Thursday to tell Wimington kids he’s coming to save them. Only problem: all he’s done is fail them. #netDE #eduDE




Six schools will be given the Priority school designation using a statistically and mathematically flawed model to blame teachers and leaders. This is PZ with a new name for the uninitiated. Markell rumored to be directly confronting city supers to convert to charter schools.

The other choice is closure, right Governor?

Here’s the six confirmed Wilmington schools that Transparent Christina has confirmed from 5 sources, including 3 sources in Dover:







Sadly, school leaders will line up at the mic, and all will just grin and bear it. Meanwhile, ask around about the PZ failure and complete lack of support with extreme ideological bent driving the “changes” and the “solutions”.

It’s all hocus pocus , brought to you by the magic show responsible for all the jobs and all the recovery we’ve been basking in here in Delaware.

Yes, that was a slam. Thursday will be another sad, dark day for the Markell administration and the children of Wilmington. Jea, you’ve been warned. Again.

You’re about to be, well, you know…

I almost forgot, if you are a teacher or principal at these 6 schools, please engage: call BS, BS because you are about to be swimming in it.


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