Reverse the hate. #WEAREALLFERGUSON


One thought on “Reverse the hate. #WEAREALLFERGUSON

  1. Thank you for this challenge. As an older white lady who has seen many disturbing things over the years, many in the 1960’s, I am totally in favor of “reversing the hate.” We all live together, and we need to learn to be sensitive to each other and to learn to get along. However, this is such a two-way street. I had hoped that my grandchildren would not live to see all this stored-up violence, in the name of racial conflict. I had hoped that they would enjoy our diverse cultures in the United States and world community and learn to respect each person for who he or she is.

    Instead, we have a culture in this country now where some people, whether they be black or white, take advantage of a crisis situation to further their own “needs.” We have organizations which totally support a “hate agenda,” and they show up at the most opportune times to further that agenda. We have individuals who walk on anybody to get what they want. We have people who are willing to rob and cause destruction just to keep a festering situation moving along. We have citizens who overreact and cause more trouble than any one country needs.

    It’s not really about police officers becoming more militarized; they will respond to their commanding officers when it’s time to react. It’s really about our mindset as a nation. If we ever get back to individuals protecting the community as if it is their own (and, of course, it is); if we ever get to the point that it’s not all about ME, ME, ME; if we ever can convince people that each person is unique and contributes to our social fabric; if we can ever remove politics from our personal actions and respond to people as individuals, then we will, at that point, start to see some of the changes we want to see in our nation. If we want God to bless America, we each need to do our part to show Him we are turning from our old ways and that our country and its people deserve to be blessed.

    Sandra Wickham
    Woodland Park, CO

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