Epic Food Day

I just gotta know…what did you put that salsa on????

Wilson's Food Blog

 Hello! This blog post is about the epic food I had yesterday. I call it EPIC FOOD DAY! I had a LOT of really good food that because Sunday is grocery store and Farmer Market day for my mom. 

 One thing I had was mussels. They were delicious! They were very juicy. Mom steams them in white wine, butter, and garlic Those muscles were one of the best parts of my day. 

 My mom also took tomatoes from my pappy’s garden (remember, they are out of town so it isn’t stealing) and made fresh salsa. I liked it. It had jalapenos but it wasn’t too spicy. It just tasted fresh and delicious.

 I also had banana bread. The banana bread was made by my dad, sister, and me. It did not taste like the banana bread I usually eat, but it was delicious too. It came apart easily which was something…

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