Mom’s Sauce – Not quite like Grandma’s

I’m quite sure.

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Hello! First off, i’m sorry I couldn’t get the recipe for my grandma’s spaghetti sauce because she was out of town. Well, this blog post is about my mom’s spaghetti sauce compared to my last post  about my grandma’s spaghetti sauce. 

My mom’s sauce is a lot different than my grandma’s sauce. Starting off, my mom roasted tomatoes from my pappy’s garden. Also, I liked it because my mom roasted garlic to put in it. She also put in basil from my pappy’s garden. Her sauce was chunkier than grandma’s sauce because she used a masher on the tomatoes. It was also sweeter than grandma’s sauce because it had roasted garlic and roasted tomatoes.

Although mom’s sauce is amazing, Grandma’s sauce will always be my favorite.

Well, that’s it for this blog post.Till next time!


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