News Journal reports on NGSS, fails to inform readers of how they were crafted and adopted: in near total darkness with almost zero Delaware parent or educator input and unread by SBE prior to approval.. #justlikeCCSS


Mr. Albright, carrying the water for the movement, introduced a proponents talking point without provocation:

Importantly, the Next Generation Science Standards are not a curriculum. They explain what students should know and how they can be expected to show that knowledge, but they do not explicitly explain how teachers and students should “get there.”

So, just like CCSS, right? Anyone who knows anything about standards and curricula know that when the standards become prescriptive, those lines are blurred to the point of it being a distinction with no difference. Just look at the cottage industry of textbooks that have literally been slapped with stickers declaring their alignment with CCSS while not being changed one bit ( Think NGSS will be any different? Think this statement is designed to reduce the fears and concerns with how we make policy and adopt standards with almost zero stakeholder input? Ever wonder if the News Journal is on “team reform”?


Don’t. They are.




Fordham’s Michael Petrilli: Manufacturing “Emotion” for Common Core


I am sitting in my easy chair on this Saturday afternoon, and I am trying not to write any posts. I know that I need a rest. Sure enough, though, I come across Common Core State Standards (CCSS) promotional slant from the brand-spanking new, non-teacher-practitioner president of the Gates-funded Fordham Institute, dedicated think tanker Michael Petrilli.


I plan to keep this post brief and get back to my chair.

On the eve of his first day as Fordham Institute president, Petrilli wrote this piece in which he dismisses the idea that anti-CCSS sentiment has “momentum,” one reason being that 42 states still have CCSS.

He states that only Oklahoma has really been “knocked off” of CCSS.

No insignificant event there, Petrilli.

The governor of Oklahoma, Mary Fallin, serves as the chair of the National Governors Association (NGA), one of the two organizations that own CCSS. At its annual…

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More info on our new Chief Officer in the DOE. A perfect match for out TLEU chief, no doubt. Both from ARTC backgrounds, both moving around often and deploying policies with no evidence.

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