@DSEA1 press release brings more schizophrenic fail on DCAS test score release, VAM, and the need to support teachers. #netDE

Not sure where to begin as 7, count them 7, locals forwarded this to me! I will post comments inside the press release in RED.




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DSEA applauds DCAS results What? Applauds the testing they so frequently deride?; Calls for commitment to full-funding, appropriate materials, and time to fully transition to Common Core Standards Well, this dovetails so nicely with testing doesn’t it?

Dover, Del. July 17th — The Delaware State Education Association celebrates the significant gains I think DSEA needs math class here, we literally went backwards in scores. How is this a gain?…unless you swallow the BULLSHIT DOE analysis achieved by Delaware students in the recently released scores from the Delaware Comprehensive Assessment System (DCAS).

Scores from the 2013-2014 assessments were released to the public by the Department of Education at today’s meeting of the State Board of Education.

“Our education professionals are standing strong for student success in schools across Delaware,” said Frederika Jenner, DSEA President Huh? I thought test scores were not a effective measure of teaching,I’m almost certain DSEA has this exact position…or is that only at their RA?.  “We are especially proud of the students and staffs of Lewis Dual-Language, Booker T. Washington, and Marbrook Elementary Schools for their outstanding gains in both reading and math. We make our greatest, long-term impact by developing consistent and early success in our younger students.” Again, based on flawed tests.

The results released by the Department show that students statewide sustained the gains made in recent years, with even more of these same students meeting their individual growth targets on this year’s tests. So, sustaining gains on tests not vetted to be valid, that are criticized by the same State Board that authorized them, and are being thrown in the garbage, literally this year, is good? laudable? excellent? Is DSEA even serious here?

Fifty-seven percent of students met their expected growth target in math, an increase of five-percent from 2013.  In reading, 55-percent met their expected growth target, up from 52-percent in 2013. Is that pride I read in this paragraph? If so, wow.

These gains are a continuation of a path of consistent growth since 2011. <– DOE ghostwriter earning their keep right there!

The percentage of students proficient in math has progressed from a mark of 62-percent in 2011 to 73-percent in 2012, 70-percent in 2013, and 69-percent in 2014.  A sustained increase of 10% over the past four years is laudable, not stagnant or flat.  Now this, is hilarious. I guess 2 negatives do make a positive. Credibility, vaporized: in two succinct sentences. Also, it’s three years of “sustained gains” 2011 was the baseline. I am dead serious, who ever wrote this needs a copy editor who works in math.


In reading, the percentage of students proficient has progressed from 61-percent in 2011 to 73-percent in 2012, 72-percent in 2013, and 72-percent in 2014.  A increase of nearly 20-percent over where scores were in 2011 is, again, an impressive example of sustained growth and not an indication of scores ‘flatlining.’ Again, 72 to 70 to 70 is NOT flat-lining. Who the hell writes this and believes it. Who?

While these results are encouraging, DSEA continues to press elected and appointed leaders in the State to not rest on these successes Is the DSEA really saying that nearly 3 out of every ten kids being non proficient is the definition of “successes”? , but instead demonstrate their continued commitment to providing both students and educators with every available resource needed to impact and improve the education offered in our schools. No, teachers as professionals deserve this support, NOT as a result of tests that tell us nothing meaningful.

Secretary Murphy stated at the Board meeting that student success is a “District responsibility.” Smooth move by Mr. Duck My Responsibilities.  DSEA agrees, and also believes that responsibility is shared by the teachers, principals, school boards, state officials, and parents. DSEA gives the DOE a 100% free pass here? WTF?

“Everyone shares the responsibility to provide educators the support and resources necessary to help their student succeed,” YES! said Jenner.  “Our schools need funding that is more closely tied to their students’ special needs, our classrooms need appropriate materials for teaching and learning, YES! and our students and educators need time to adequately prepare for the instructional shifts required with the Common Core State Standards.” What? Why? Do these work? Proof please.