More proof Delaware Sec of Education lacks capacity to lead! Ships Spec Needs students out of state!

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DE’s Institutionalized Discrimination against our Beyond-Complex Students Continues… There is no room in at the Inn. by Children and Educators First 

In 2013, the cases of 120 children were brought before ICT – 15 more than in 2012. This committee evaluated 43 new cases, while privately placing 117 children and providing three with other unique alternatives, namely deeming these children eligible for 1:1 services in their existing public school setting. Sixty-six of the 117 privately placed children were served in private day programs while the remaining 51 were moved to residential programs.

Of the 51 students who moved into residential programs, 19 were served in-state at AdvoServ, located in Bear, DE.  The remaining children, all 32 of them, were moved away from their families, their homes, and their support systems, and sent out of state by ICT. Ten of these 32 were fortunate enough to be accepted at one of…

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