3 Louisiana Teachers: What Is Wrong with the Common Core Standards

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The following statement by three Louisiana teachers was distributed by Mary K. Bellisario of the Louisiana Coalition for Public Education.

From: Mary K. Bellisario, Coalition for Louisiana Public Education

Re: Real teachers’ concerns with Common Core in the classroom

Attached is an unsolicited letter I received from three Louisiana classroom teachers describing their concerns with the Common Core standards.

They have requested that I share this letter with the media to get out concerns that classroom teachers are having with the Common Core standards.

Unlike organized groups such as “Stand for Children,” they do not have national backing and funding to run ads in newspapers or hire lobbyists. Theirs is the daily experience teachers are having trying to implement standards which didn’t have input from professional educators. (Please note: This can be verified by checking the list of 60 individuals who created the standards as listed on the CCSS website…

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