NEA RA. Delegates to Arne: Leave.

Fred Klonsky

Arne Duncan looks for his ass.

A New Business Item critical of Arne Duncan has been brought to the RA for a number of years.

In 2010 we passed a New Business Item, 13 Things We Hate About Arne Duncan.

At the 2011 and 2012 no confidence in Arne NBIs failed by narrow margins.

Today the RA passed by a similarly narrow margin. It calls for Arne to leave the Department of Education.

It was so close that there were calls for a roll-call vote, a process by which each delegate fills out a sheet by hand. They are collected by the head of each state delegation and counted by hand. It would have taken hours of meeting time at our RA in which there must be close to a record number of New Business Items already.

I think they number over 100 by now.

Outgoing President Dennis Van Roekel ruled that the dump-Arne NBI had passed.

Perhaps it was…

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