@GovernorMarkell just doesn’t get it. #SPECED

Look at this mess: http://www.delawareonline.com/story/news/local/2014/07/02/delaware-ponders-test-special-needs-kids/12119293/

Gov. Jack Markell’s office said in a statement that his administration will work with individual schools to try to limit the number of students exempted.

“We welcome the U.S. Department of Education’s new focus on participation rates and results because assessments are an important component of ensuring special-education students receive the educational services and opportunities they deserve,” the statement said. “Our focus is on excluding as few students as possible and improving outcomes while ensuring that all of our special-ed students are being assessed in a manner that allows their parents and teachers to set meaningful growth goals and effectively measure their progress.”

Of course you welcome USED. Of all the things I know about your administration I know it is on bended knee for Mr. Duncan and his (now yours) legacy of failure in public education. It’s just what you do, but SPEC ED parents, like myself, can tell you that these tests are 100% meaningless.



5 thoughts on “@GovernorMarkell just doesn’t get it. #SPECED

  1. 4equity2

    They have ears, but do not hear.
    They have eyes, but do not see.
    “They” could not care less that these tests are not only meaningless, but an injustice to many of our Spec Ed students.

  2. It was determined in the Nuremberg trials after WWII, that saying you were just following orders was not enough… Each person has a moral obligation to do right from wrong, and going along with wrong because everyone else is doing it, does not absolve anyone from their own actions….

  3. Reblogged this on Exceptional Delaware and commented:
    I couldn’t agree more. First they pass a bill to get the most severely impaired exempt from the Smarter Balanced Assessment, and now they are going to pressure more special ed students to not be exempt? Something is very wrong with this picture. Enough is enough.

    1. MHS

      JLF- I believe you may have misunderstood SB229, which you mentioned above. That bill does not exempt students who would have taken the Smarter Assessment from being tested, instead it requires the DOE to develop an alternate assessment to the DCAS-Alt in the form of a portfolio assessment. Those most severely impaired would not be taking the Smarter they would be taking the Alternate assessment, which is DCAS-alt and this bill requires the creation of an alternate to the alternate; it does not exempt students from being assessed.

      1. John Young

        I think you don’t understand the Governor’s office quote. HE fully intends to pressure schools to test more SPEC ED kids. It’s crystal clear.

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