.@NationalPTA puts out video on CCSS advocacy strategy and tactics. #itsOKtoLIE #netDE #eduDE

Not once do they suggest making sure the members support the initiative and at the end (10:25-), they suggest misrepresenting membership numbers as 100% full agreement with strategies when meeting with elected officials. Several appearances from the venerable Yvonne Johnson of the Delaware PTA in this big money, Hunt Institute, Gates funded video.



@GovernorMarkell ‘s full-throated defense of DCAS at 5:35-6:10…why change to SBAC? Dont miss the fade to black next-to-last frame#netDE #eduDE

While signing off on dirty water, bad roads, and driving people into destitution at our casinos, @GovernorMarkell finds time for big money slick videos pimping Common Core “State” Standards with the complicit @DelawarePTA

A sad little effort:


First, here’s the 411 on the Hunt Institute from their website: http://www.hunt-institute.org/about-us/partners/

Past and Present Funders and Collaborators (here’s and abbreviated list) with funders/enablers of education reform and CCSS writers in BOLD.


Here’s the video series in all it’s glory, mostly just anecdotal pimp jobs, but absolutely littered with half truths, lies of omission, et. al.  The best is the repetitive use of the phrase “College and Career Ready”. They.Will.Not.Stop.Saying.It.  (don’t use this a drinking game as you will go to hospital with alcohol poisoning). If all this is true, why did Delaware’s teacher reps, who just met in March, vote UNANIMOUSLY to declare NO CONFIDENCE in Delaware’s implementation of the Common Core “State” Standards???


Ah yes, the tried and true because troops reason (Special Guest appearance by DE State Senator David Sokola at 1:45):



You must admire what big money, slick production can do when set upon the task of polishing this turd of a program. The videos are pablum, as you can tell when done watching them: they are just a beauty pageant with trite platitudes and slogans. Not one person offers evidence, just FEAR. Mostly xenophobia with the focus on international competitiveness concerns born directly out of an intentional misuse of  PISA scores.

In conclusion, our Governor has problems here that are more important than making promotional videos to prop up his “under siege” pet program, and the Delaware PTA needs to listen to parents instead of taking big money handouts from corporations. They have lost their way. If I only had a camera phone right now…click!