Flip-Floppers, by most definitions are spineless. Check out the Republican Caucus’ excuse laden newsletter entry on the HB334 flip flop. #CC$$

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Common Core Controversy Clouds Action on Bill


The continuing storm over education standards adopted by most of the nation created controversy in the Delaware General Assembly this week over what initially appeared to be a minor bill.It was never minor, you only think it was or should have been because, like most other EDU bills in your GA, you IGNORED IT.


House Bill 334 seeks to replace the Delaware Comprehensive Assessment System (DCAS), which is the current testing component that every Delaware public school administers.  According to Brian Touchette, the Director of the Office of Assessment for the Delaware Department of Education, about 90-percent of the students in grades 3 through 10 take the test three times annually.  Or 4 times, or only 2 if they feel like it, check out those rules folks

State Rep.  
Tim Dukes


State Rep. Tim Dukes, R-Laurel, said he has received a steady stream of complaints from parents, teachers, students and administrators that the DCAS is burdensome, stressful and takes too much time away from classroom instruction. And SBAC will yield lower scores. Just wait and see.


HB 334 would discontinue the DCAS in favor of the Smarter Balanced Assessment System, which would be administered once per year.


The legislation was released by the House Education Committee and cleared the House of Representatives on a vote of 30 to 9. Yep that’s 9 people not buying the bullshit you’re about to buy.


After winning House approval, two conservative citizens groups took issue with the bill because the new assessment system is aligned with Common Core — a controversial set of educational standards they oppose.There are also progressive liberals deeply against the CC$$ circus and its monied interests.  Adopted in 43 states, including Delaware, the standards have been a hot-button issue across the country.


One of the groups sent e-mails to each state senator urging them to vote against the bill, in part because it was “one step in the adoption of Common Core in Delaware.” 


Delaware adopted Common Core on August 19, 2010 and fully implemented the standards in the 2012-13 school year. So test scores will be GOING up for SURE then, right Republicans?


Lindsay O’Mara, Governor Jack Markell’s Education Advisor, testified in the Senate Thursday that the Smarter Balanced Assessment System was moving forward, regardless of the fate of House Bill 334. We don’t care what you do, we’re doing SBAC no matter what, so screw you and your lawmaking.  She indicated that the only thing defeating the bill would accomplish why have a bill then? would be to require schools to administer both assessments next year – the DCAS in the fall and Smarter Balanced in the spring.  Responding to questions from senators, Ms. O’Mara noted the tests are incompatible and would be unlikely to provide much useful comparative data.


Prior to Ms. O’Mara’s testimony, the bill failed 8 to 13.  Following her appearance bullying, a second vote was taken on the measure with it clearing the chamber 12 to 9.  State Sen. Minority Whip Greg Lavelle, R-Sharpley, was one of the members who reluctantly changed his vote on the legislation.


“We were put in an untenable situation,” no, not we Senator, YOU.  Only 4 changed their vote, 9 stood by their convictions are were not swayed by the DOE, the Governor, and his henchwomen Sen. Lavelle said, noting that state education officials did a poor job communicating with legislators on the bill. ya think?  “Be that as it may, we were where we were. so you bought the bullshit anyway…because leadership! To not enact the bill, and force our schools to administer a needless assessment, would have been very disruptive and, I believe, would have needlessly wasted money without otherwise changing anything.” Is it too hard to think that maybe the Senate education committee or a Minority whip could actualy ask fucking questions before a vote? My bad…it is too hard in DE.


The bill now moves to Gov. Markell for his signature. LOL, maybe he’ll veto it.


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