Breaking News: Feds Want To Intervene In Delaware Special Education, **Updated**

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According to an article in the Delaware News Journal, the Feds have placed Delaware on a watch list as one of three states to need intervention for special ed students.  This is what I have been saying all along.  Special education in Delaware is severely lacking.  Maybe the powers that be will start to wake up!
Updated: The Huffington Post picks up on this story as well:
Updated again: How about timing? When I read this article I was sitting in Governor’s Café in Dover. In the next room, members of the Delaware Department of Education were having a meeting with their summer interns. In fact, the Secretary of Education, Mark Murphy, was walking out as I walked in. The Executive Director for the Board of Education, Donna Johnson, came in late. After I read the article, I spoke to another woman to see if I could speak…

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One thought on “Breaking News: Feds Want To Intervene In Delaware Special Education, **Updated**

  1. At a meeting with DSEA and Mr Murphy, I told him that our students are passing tests, but still can not read at grade level.. They don.t get it. I don’t think they want to….Edcuators, like me, a Reading Specialist, Special Ed certified, and Elementary Ed teacher would totally understand . He knows me for my opinions and statistics. I am always hopeful that the children of Delaware wil receive the best education . It isn,t because of the highly effective teachers we have or the DE standards that worked ,.. Keeping my fingers crossed and my voice heard. Always passionate and thinking of the children..

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