To those focusing on tenure, you’re doing it wrong

Money quote:

Whether or not you listen to what I say is your problem, not mine. But go ahead, continue on your path, eliminating tenure. Spend your lives fighting for something that will in the long-run do absolutely nothing. Actually, you won’t be here to see that outcome because you’ll have moved onto something else. If it’s not education policy, it’s law school. If it’s not education writing, it’s becoming a board member at a large testing company.


Yes, please, focus on tenure, or school closures, or value-added modeling. That way, you will further alienate yourselves from the profession you claim to improve. You will receive no mandate, no consent from the educator. Again, you will meet outright resistance or malaise. Either way, nothing that you do will be implemented effectively.


One thought on “To those focusing on tenure, you’re doing it wrong

  1. kilroysdelaware

    I am confused, tenure is nothing more than ensuring due-process when in comes to labor issues. Why would we want a fire-at-will aka right-to-work state at the hands of the Rodels of the world?

    As far as union busting, Delaware’s teacher unions pretty much busted themselves by agreeing to a no strike clause. That’s like the U.S. telling Russia we’ll eliminate our nukes and just use our conventional weapons but you can keep your nukes! Busting the teacher unions has nothing to do with what’s best for kids and all about eliminating obstacles in governments real mission in breaking prevailing wages. The teacher unions are the strongest and most organized more so than the Teamsters and Steveadores. Just call them the biggest strongest domino!

    HOWEVER, as we witnessed in Delaware with RTTT, the unions were their own worst enemies lead to slaughter by Judas.

    Surely teachers should be held accountable to the academic success or failure of their students and certainly no we don’t want a single indicator such as state standardized test. But if that were the cause now why do administrators perform classroom observations?

    In comes the likes of Teacher For America! In and out within three years! If 25% of the teaching workforce were Teach For America what impact would that have on retirement benefits paid by the taxpayers. The corporate model is fine with a seven year employee turnover! Keep them young and fresh not old and unwilling to adapt to new technique and technology!

    But not matter what, unless universities like Rodel ass-kissing Harker at U of D is held accountable for ill-prepared new teachers entering out schools we must have some form for effective mentoring programs for new teachers and perhaps not be so quick with the hammer re: evaluations.

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