News Journal, sets up an unscientific poll, gets its teacher union bash on! #netDE #eduDE

So, these are the top 5 to choose from? I can think of two off the top that are missing: Washington D.C. and the unearned influence of special interest  groups like Rodel, the Business Roundtable, and Vision 20XX.poll

And the results thus far…


Today’s Poll

What’s the biggest problem with education these days?
Lack of funding for public schools(Your vote)
20 votes
Parents don’t have enough input in the process(Your vote)
15 votes
Too much state control, too little say for communities(Your vote)
33 votes
Teachers union has too much influence(Your vote)
47 votes
Teachers are overworked and under paid(Your vote)
33 votes
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148 votes
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2 thoughts on “News Journal, sets up an unscientific poll, gets its teacher union bash on! #netDE #eduDE

  1. ….only 148 people? in a state of 1,000,000,000? Shows how few people read the News Journal I guess….. and how little influence they truly have.

  2. Common Core should be on there… So should Corporate Consultants,,,, Standardized testing…. again, far more important than teachers unions… In fact, I’m trying to think of how teacher’s unions impact education in any way…. and can’t think of any… After all, schools that are unionized all have superior ratings over schools that are not. Non unionized charter schools are being closed down left and right!!!! Unionized public education is doing the actual heavy lifting in bringing up all America’s scores to the fake scores of Shanghai…….

    If you believe unions are a problem, I hope someone punches you in the face. Because you are a “Stooge”…. Which of the three I’ll let you choose!

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