Crawling Out of the Sweet Spot

Crawling Out of the Classroom

You know when you wake up in the morning and you find yourself cocooned in that perfect spot with the blankets wrapped just so and the mattress formed snug around your still sleeping body? That’s what I call the sweet spot.  And it is so comfortable and so perfect-seeming and it seems so inviting to just stay right there in that sweet spot all day long.  Except the problem is, if you stayed there, then you wouldn’t know what was waiting for you outside of that bed.  You wouldn’t know what incredible things might happen just moments after crawling out of the sweet spot.  And so most of us, every day, make the decision to crawl out from the sweet spot to see what is waiting for us beyond it. 

As I teacher, I find myself balancing at that moment.  The moment where you make the decision to crawl out of the sweet…

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