Delaware Charter Schools Network seeks nominations for their IDEA award, and I assure you it has nothing to do with the real IDEA. #netDE

Oh, the namesake irony.


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For Immediate Release: 06/03/2014
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CONTACT: Catherine Nessa, 267.221.8805


Delaware Charter Schools Network celebrates excellence in schools

WILMINGTON, DE—The Delaware Charter Schools Network (DCSN) is accepting nominations for the 3rd annual IDEA (Innovation, Dedication, Education, & Admiration) Awards to be held on Oct. 9, 2014.

The IDEA Awards program recognizes the exemplary dedication and hard work of teachers, leaders, legislators, parents, students, and community members across Delaware’s charter school community.

DCSN Executive Director Kendall Massett created the program. “Every day I learn about great things going on in our schools. The network’s role is to support and advocate for our schools, but also to celebrate what they and their collective communities are contributing to Delaware’s public education landscape. I couldn’t be prouder to be able to work on their behalf.”

There are 11,078 children currently attending twenty one charter schools statewide, roughly 8 percent of the state’s total student population. In Delaware, charter schools represent the top middle school, the top elementary school, and boast the highest average SAT score.

The IDEA Award categories are below. The Community Ties, Cornerstone, Impact, Giving Back, Innovation, and Dedication Awards are open for all to nominate; the Founders, Legislative Leadership, and Charter School Champion Awards are chosen by committee. Nominations are being accepted on

Founders Award

Recognizes charter school(s) that have served Delaware’s children for at least 10 consecutive years.

Legislative Leadership Award

Recognizes legislators, state or national, who have demonstrated high levels of support for the charter school movement or education reform in general.

Charter School Champion Award

Recognizes an individual or community organization that has contributed to the advancement of our charter school movement.

Community Ties Award

Recognizes a school, teacher, group of students, or organization that has worked toward effective and rewarding community alliances/partnerships.

Giving Back Award

Recognizes a charter school alumnus that has given back to the charter school community or the community at large.

Inch and Miles Achievement Award

Recognizes charter schools whose students demonstrate significant growth over time.

Excellence in Academics Award

Recognizes charter schools with consistent high levels of student achievement.

Cornerstone Award

Recognizes an individual parent or parent groups who demonstrate significant levels of commitment and involvement to Delaware’s public charter schools.

Impact Award

Recognizes a school leader that has made a significant impact on Delaware’s education community.

Innovation Award (Elementary, Middle & High Schools)

Recognizes an individual teacher or group of teachers that have introduced a new or creative method into their classroom(s) that has positively impacted their students.

Dedication Award (Elementary, Middle & High Schools)

Recognizes an individual teacher or group of teachers that have shown selfless devotion to students and gone “above and beyond.”

For more information and to nominate, visit

The Delaware Charter Schools Network provides advocacy and support for the charter school movement and charter schools in Delaware.


One thought on “Delaware Charter Schools Network seeks nominations for their IDEA award, and I assure you it has nothing to do with the real IDEA. #netDE

  1. Any time you want to distract attention away from something, you give an award. They have a lot to distract from… On the other hand the public schools, which do have a lot to celebrate, are really too busy teaching and compensating for Common Core to even have time to take 8 minutes to fill out a questionnaire…

    Here’s an idea. Give an award (it can be a certificate) to all teachers who teach better than do Charter Schools. Pick a comparison tool, (it could be the DCAS even) and praise them for beating the pants off private enterprise…. Make a huge photo op, and publicly get the message across that public schools are better than charters schools…..

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